Peter Artemenko

On Thursday, April 23, 2009, at Park Community Church in Chicago, IL, the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School hosted an evening of free lectures and discussion with Dr. John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church and Dr. D. A. Carson of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. The event began at 7:00pm and concluded around 10:00pm. Titled “The Pastor as Scholar, and the Scholar as Pastor: Reflections on Life and Ministry with John Piper and D.A. Carson”, the evening featured hour-long lectures by Drs. Piper and Carson that offered reflection of a theological and personal nature on the work of the pastor and the scholar, respectively.

NewAudio and Video Now Available!

All the audio and video from The Pastor As Scholar and the Scholar As Pastor is now available thanks to Desiring God Ministries:

Piper’s message (audio, video, manuscript)
Carson’s message (audio, video, manuscript coming soon!)
the discussion that followed (audio, video)

The Henry Center, event sponsor, appreciates the generosity of partners BibleMesh (title partner), Moody Press, Crossway, Christian Focus, and Coffee Ambassadors who helped make it happen.

If you are interested in learning more about the pastor-theologian, check out these excellent resources:

1. He Is Not Silent by Al Mohler for three highly stimulating chapters on “The Pastor as Theologian”.

2. Doug Sweeney’s Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word (IVP, out in July 2009).

Thanks to Eric Johnson, Lukas Naugle, David Mathis, and the DGM team for making these high-quality resources available for free.